Graw Jump Ramp G20

JUMP RAMP – H 20 cm

Made in birch and poplar, this portable kicker device is 20 cm high and strong enough for jumps with bike or skate or board or RC.

The lightest and smaller jump ramp.

Height 20 cm 7.9 in
Length 76 cm 29.9 in
Width 50 cm 19.7 in
Weight 6 kg 13.3 lbs


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With 6 kg of weight, this portable kicker device made of birch and poplar wood represents the lightest and smallest model of the famous G series. The height is 20 cm and mostly sufficient for jumps with bike or skate or board or RC. The Graw Jump Ramp is made of flexible wood, the 15 layers of curved plywood offer stable performance. As per all G Ramps, this unit is delivered with the metal plate, the hexagonal key and the screws, for the easy and fast assembly. The rubber pads on the short, steep side guarantee stability on uneven surface and keep the ramp firm to the ground.

  • Skateboard Jump Ramp – Height 20 cm
  • Made in birch and poplar
  • Light and very easy to transport
  • Fast assembly (screws and hex key included)
  • Multifunction: skateboard, bike, MTB, BMX, inline skate, RC models, scooters and more.

Here the G20 in action:

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