It was 1984, in Turin (Italy) we were urban kids pressing plywood to create our own skateboards. We built halfpipes and trained through endless skateboarding sessions. International skate competitions started to appear. Times were real good for us. The Graw brand was born.

Since 1984, many kinds of trucks, shapes and innovative materials for wheels and bearings passed by, but the skateboards made of plywood still remain. As do the Graw Jump Ramps: made of pure plywood, light and easy to move and beloved by any creative skater, the Graw Jump Ramp is the only real kicker of your ollie jumping life.

Why Wood?

Wood is what we have used since the early 80's to build our halfpipes.  Wood because our skateboards are made of wood. We use this natural element to contrast the plastic triangles seen around. Wood is elastic and offers more flexibility for higher jumps. Our preferred woods are birch, poplar and beech.
It takes the wood of eight skateboards to make a G35 Graw Jump Ramp!


After 30 years, with the same passion, we relaunched Graw Jumps Ramps. A cult that worked in the 80's, and still does today. When the project was presented in 2014 the immediate response was fantastic. In 2016, we participated at the Bright show in Berlin to reach the wider public. The Graw G35 PRO “Jump to Jump” contest led to the world record of 4.5 meters. Our friends in Japan, Germany, UK and many more requested multiple ramps. We restructured for serial production. Now we supply gradually worldwide in collaboration with online distribution partners.


Read the instructions carefully. Use the jump ramp according to your abilities. Use, maintain and store the jump ramp as you do with your skateboard or scooter or whatever device you use. Avoid rain, use it only as designated.


The Graw Philosophy

To fly higher you need a Graw Jump Ramp. Find your spot and work it out. It is about you and your jumping device, at a certain time in a specific place with the Graw Jump Ramp. Passion drives you. You create a new trick that takes perseverance, sweat, eventually pain until you succeed and advance to the next level of difficulty. And so on, then you become master.

The Graw Jump Ramp elevates you like no other. The elastic behavior of the G35 PRO flips you as high as your own body height. You can jump higher and longer. You can also jump on walls and high-balks or rails.

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