The first stop of the Go create California tour is done! Yesterday we went to the Alex Road skatepark and the locals skated the Graw Jump for their first time and had fun trying new approaches to the structures of the park.
Tomorrow we’re going to be at the Linda Vista skatepark in San Diego, so, if you’re around, come skate with us! 

PaddingHere’s some fire from today’s sesh at the Linda Vista skatepark. The two locals @buskanut and @the_juan_and__onlee used the G35 to ollie the big stairset both ways! At the end of the sesh after they did a ton of tricks we decided to leave the jump ramp to them so they can keep having fun and delivering good clips. #grawjumpgocreatecaliforniatour2018

The second stop of the Graw Jump Go Create California tour is done too! Yesterday we went to the Linda Vista skatepark in San Diego that was packed with skaters of all ages that had a lot of fun skating the jump ramp.
At the end of the sesh we also donated one G35 to the local crew that was super hyped on it. Now we’ll spend two more days in the San Diego area and then we’ll proceed going up to the Huntington Beach area. #grawjumpgocreatecaliforniatour2018.

We just left one jump ramp at one of the realest shop out there!
Big up to everyone at @pacific_drive . It’s been a pleasure to visit your shop and knowing those who look after it. Have fun with the Graw Jump and keep doing what you do cause it’s great! 🙏👊 #grawjumpgocreatecaliforniatour2018

The list of historical skateshop with a Graw Jump Ramp is growing! Now also @mcgillsskateshop has its own G35 for everybody to try. So if you’re from Encinitas and you would like to skate it, go and have fun! #grawjumpgocreatecaliforniatour2018

The people at @mcgillsskateshop have had the ramp for just a couple hours and they’ve already sent us a clip. Here’s @kobydvorak right in front of the shop! #grawjumpgocreatecaliforniatour2018

Now also SF has its own G35 and you can go try it at @ftcsanfrancisco ,so go grab it and have fun in the streets! #grawjumpgocreatecaliforniatour2018

The California Go Create tour keeps going even if we had to change the plans a little bit. We’ ve already been to SF and now we’re heading to Huntington Beach and LA. Check the last two dates on this one and come skate with us! #grawjumpgocreatecaliforniatour2018

We’re leaving Huntington Beach and heading to LA right now, but the city now has its own jump ramp and you can find it at the @jokers_skate_shop . Go check out the shop because it’s one of the best out there and have fun with the jump ramp. #grawjumpgocreatecaliforniatour2018

The first clip from the @pacific_drive crew is here! @chrislarue and @juicy_mayhew filmed by @notalexmarquez seshing in front of the shop having fun with the G35. 💣🙏👊

The Graw Jump Ramps Go Create California tour is officially over !
We had a ton of fun in these past two weeks. We saw many beautiful different places and met a lot of great skaters from all over the country. Today we had our last stop at the Stoner skate plaza where we met @whereisryand and all the locals that were on fire. And at the end of the sesh we left them the last jump ramp to keep the hype running.
Thanks to everyone that got involved in this trip and helped us along the way, we’re really grateful for how everything has gone and we can’t wait for the next tour. Peace.


The very first official Graw Jump Ramps tour it’s about to start! We’re heading to California and we’re going to visit Los Angeles, Oceanside, San Diego and San Francisco with a ton of different stops around the best skateparks and skatespots. If you’re around and you would like to try our ramps check the dates on the flyer and come skate with us!

  • Alex road skatepark, Oceanside august 30th
  • Linda vista skatepark, San Diego, september 1st
  • Venice beach skatepark, Los Angeles, september 4th
  • Stoner park skatepark, Los Angeles, september 6th
  • Potrero skatepark, San Francisco, september 8th
Soon on sale on Amazon US… Stay tuned!
(The forecast is around September 15th)