Riders in Antwerp are protesting against the total ban on skating, roller-blading and BMX riding on the quays of the Scheldt River recently decided by the Municipality executive. The Graw Team deeply believes that street skating is a freedom and creative act.
It is also more challenging, improve the skating abilities and enhances good social relations among riders of all ages in a funny and active way. Skateboard is now an Olympic sport and more and more young people are discovering this practice. Existing skate parks have pre-built paths only, they are often insufficient to accommodate all the skaters but most of all, urban skating is a completely different discipline.
There are so many other reasons that create noise pollution and urban furniture damages in a urban environment. And using skate-proof materials can easily solve any problem that can be caused by skating.
We hope that the skate community will be soon involved by the city authorities in any next decision. The young need a public place where they can skate and express themselves.