A Graw Jump Ramp is
What you Need to Fly Higher

A Graw Jump Ramp is
What you Need to Fly Higher

Made in curved plywood, the Graw jump ramps pop up like no other jump ramp. Wood is elastic and offers more flexibility for higher jumps. Their sturdy design comes in a compact size. Light and easy-to-carry, the Graw Jump Ramp fits everywhere, even on your skateboard. Available in two different sizes and three models for skaters of any level.

The video offer an overview of the entire Graw Jump Ramps product range.
For in-depth information, check the below sections dedicated to each product Series.


The strongest, most heavy, and prestigious Graw Jump Ramps. All models of the G PRO Series are made of 100% curved beech plywood with a thickness of 20 mm. These jump ramps are exceptionally durable, suitable for frequent use by professionals, whether in skateparks or scooter schools.

All G PRO models come with a metal plate that can be securely attached using the included hexagonal key and screws. Installation instructions are provided for quick and straightforward assembly.


The G Series are the traditional Graw jump ramps, sold worldwide since the early beginnings. With the same dimensions as the professional models, these portable kicker devices are made of birch and poplar with 20 mm of thickness.

They feature a sturdy design suitable for jumps with skateboards, bikes, boards, RC models, and more.

These units are both strong and lightweight, making them easily transportable by hand and capable of fitting in any trunk. They come with a metal plate, a hexagonal key, and screws for straightforward and speedy assembly.


The J Series jump ramps are small in size but strong at heart. Available in three different heights, all J Series models are made of 100% beech wood with 15 mm of thickness.

No metal plate or assembly is needed for these jump ramps which are extremely light in weight, 4 kg maximum.

OFF ROAD Use Only –
Limited Edition


All Graw Jump Ramps Series are available for off-road action sports for wild use on unpaved ground, sand or gravel. Immagination is the only limit.

Limited edition. Contact us for info and availability.

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