Whether it is for the holiday season, Christmas, a birthday or any other special occasion, a Graw Jump Ramps is a perfect gift for riders who love to jump and fly higher.

There is a Graw Jump Ramp for All

jump ramps kids

At the Graw House, we manufacture jump ramps of different sizes and woods in order to meet the needs of riders of all levels and ages who are practicing their jumping skills in wheeled action sports, like skateboard, scooters, inline skate, rollers, bmx and many more.

We have the entry-level J Series which is ideal for kids up to 12 years at their beginner level, willing to improve their skills and moving toward higher jumps. The J Series is light weighted, ranging from 3,5 to 5 kg depending on the model, and they can be easily moved around by kids.

The G Series and G PRO Series are for riders with more experience, adults and PRO riders. Strong and light-weighted, they are easily transportable by hand or even on a skateboard. They can be easily placed in every urban spot to unleash your boundless creativity.

The G PRO Series is the heavy-duty companion for experienced riders, for the intense use in schools, bike  and skate parks as well as competitions.

Safety First: Mobile Jump Ramps for Growing Skills

jump ramps kids

It is important for us to support the passions of kids as well as adult riders. And it is essential to give them jump ramps to practice their favourite sport safely.

First of all, the jump ramp has to be dimensioned and commensurate with the rider’s skills. Available in three Series and four different heights, the Graw Jump Ramps perfectly fit every riding needs.

Built with wood, they offer more flexibility, higher jumps and are much stronger and durable, in contrast with the obsolescence of the plastic triangles seen around. They come with rubber pads that are specially designed and produced for high stability under every circumstance, even during professional competitions.

A Graw Jump Ramp is much safer than any other portable jump ramp. Furthermore, it is environmentally friendly, because word is a natural element and it lasts longer than ramps made in other materials.

And now, GIFT A JUMP for Christmas and GO CREATE!

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